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Customonials | Customer Testimonials | Customer Feedback

Renee H. from

"I'm glad to be your customer and appreciate the quality and low prices of your Dome Shrink Wrap Bags.

I own a baby gift company and I have been using dome shrink wrap bags from cellobags for over 2 years for every single one of the products in my store. The shrink wrap bags have made my life so much easier and I could not imagine trying to operate my business without them. My products have to be shipped all over the United States, and the shrink wrap bags hold everything together perfectly. I plan on continuing to use cellobags as my shrink wrap supplier for as long as I'm in business.”

Tammy from says:

“I have a home bakery and make a gluten free, gourmet fruit & nut cereal bar called
DoMore Bars. I have tested other bags and are by far the best. They
are thicker and stand up to being handled and even more importantly they keep
the product really fresh. My bars are very sensitive to humidity/dryness and your
bags really protect them.”

Farmgirl Susan from says:

Because it looks so perfect, and because it stays fresh for many days, homemade biscotti makes for a very nice gift. Package it in little cellophane bags tied with a colorful ribbon, and people will think you spent a fortune on them at a fancy bakery. Revealing the truth is, of course, totally up to you. I highly recommend the cello bags available by mail from Continental Packaging Company ( Don't miss their "Cello Bag Tutorial" which explains why their 'real' cello bags are superior to so many others out there. They have dozens of sizes of bags, prices are very fair, orders are shipped quickly, and the people who work there are extremely friendly.”

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