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Our employees, at, are concerned about the communities in which we live. They are heavily involved in volunteer opportunities locally and nationally, we donate to several charitable organizations. Below is a brief list of our activities. We care. We encourage everyone to Care.

CEO People Helping People
1. Commission for Economic Opportunity (CEO). Every summer, some of our employees participate in the "Hunger Doesn't Take a Summer Vacation" lunch program. Local sites are set up throughout 3 counties to serve lunches to children during their summer vacation. This program is beneficial to those children who normally would receive nutritional meals from school. Over 21,000 meals are served each summer. In 2010, our employees donated over 45 hours to serve meals.  In addition to the summer meals program, our employees donate food items & time to CEO's Thanksgiving Food Drive campaign.

Adopt a Family
2. Catherine McAuley Adopt-a-Family Program. Every Christmas, our employees adopt a family from the local women's & children's shelter. Thanks to our families, and many others, approximately 2,000 individuals receive Christmas gifts that they normally would not have the ability to purchase.

Lemonade Stand

3. SPCA of Luzerne County. We encourage the children of our employees to get involved in volunteering as well. (and we're animal lovers)  In the summer of 2010, we had our first Lemonade Stand and all proceeds were donated to the SPCA of Luzerne County.