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Cello Bag Bottoms Crimp or Fold Over

Crimp bottom cello bags or flat, fold-over cello bags?

What is the difference?

CelloBags.com offers 2 different types of cello bag bottoms - crimp or fold over. While visually, there is not much difference between the two bottoms, there are however, some property differences:

  • Crimp bottom cello bags are designed to give a slightly better shelf life to products that might go stale quickly.

  • Crimp bottoms are not, however, designed to hold really heavy products. Great products for crimp bottom bags include: Popcorn, light weight baked goods, pasta.

  • Fold-over cello bags are designed to hold heavier products, while still offering great shelf life. Great products for fold-over bottoms include chocolates, heavy baked goods, industrial goods.

  • Both crimp bottom cello bags and fold-over cello bags offer superior moisture & oxygen barrier properties

  • Both style bags also display products beautifully on retail shelves

Not sure which type to choose for your product?
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