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Never be disappointed with clam shells from CelloBags.com. Our clam shell packaging is one of the best on the market, high quality at low prices. The features of our clam shell design allow you to lock in your product's freshness. Perfect for prepackaged salads, sandwiches, baked goods, fruits or pastas.

Product Features of Clam Shells sold by CelloBags.com:
  1. Perimeter Seal - Seals the entire container for maximum freshness & leak resistance
  2. Dual Bar-Locks - Provide audible snap for secure closure, even after multiple openings
  3. Opening Tabs with slip resistant grip
  4. Curved Sidewall - Reinforces clam shells durability in handling
  5. Chamfered Corners - Provides extra clam shell corner strength
  6. Stacking Platform - Provides greater stability of merchandising displays
  7. Label Window - Provides ideal location for placement of label or tamper evident seal
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