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What is Cello? Bottom - Crimp vs. Fold
What's the difference between Cello Bags & Biodegradable Cellophane Bags? Get the scoop on the material construction here. more info
We offer two different types of cello bag bottoms - crimp or fold-over. Which is better for your product? Find out here. more info
Choosing Bag Thickness Closure Types
Confused about what thickness or gauge of film is right for your application? Use our guidelines for choosing the right mil thickness for your needs. more info
Learn more about the different options for bag closures. more info
Measuring Cello Bags Cellophane Bags Tutor
Measuring correctly is an important step in selecting the right cello bag size for your products. Get more info here on how to correctly measure for a perfect fit. more info
Our Cellophane bags tutor provides in depth instructions on identifying quality cello bags, products to use cello bags for and proper sealing instructions. more info
Cellobags.com Reviews Sustainability
Customer Reviews more info
Prism Pak is committed, not only to selling quality products at the lowest prices, but also ensuring the bags that we manufacture & sell have the lowest negative environmental impact that they can without compromising product integrity more info

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