About Us

Cellobags.com is not just a distributer!

“We had one employee and one piece of equipment. I was the employee and the equipment was a used cellophane bag machine. . . We rented space in the basement of an office in Berwick and, in every sense of the word, we were truly basement operators. But we were able to survive…”

Here at Prism Pak, we are guided by our core values of cooperation, honesty and integrity in everything that we do. As a family-run business, it is important to us that we foster strong, long-term relationships with our customers by providing them with innovative flexible and specialty rigid packaging products. We strive to continually meet and exceed customer expectations through our commitment to these values.

We specialize in 8 color printing, laminations, custom pouches and converting. From our humble beginnings with just a single bag machine decades ago, to our latest abilities in laminations and process print, we have grown to serve the bakery industry with the latest in film blends, and packaging technology.

We do a lot more than make beautiful flexible packaging. We make the right packaging products for you and your business. Maybe it’s because we’ve been in this business for over 30 years and we know our customer’s industries like our own. Maybe it’s because we bring the expertise of a manufacturer to the table. Or maybe it’s because of our timeless business values. Whatever the reasons, we believe that any company can be a supplier, but only a few can be called ‘partner’.

We know what types of films work for your equipment and how it should be engineered. We’ve used that knowledge to create stock and custom packaging programs. All of it made with pride in the USA. It doesn’t matter whether you’re ordering a custom or a stock packaging solution. We offer more than a storehouse of bags and production capabilities. We offer a storehouse of knowledge and an in-depth understanding of the industries we serve. Helping you keep your competitive edge in the marketplace is how we keep our own.