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Measuring Your Basket for Shrink Wrap Bag Success

Dome Shrink Bags Instructions:

1) With a flexible measuring tape, measure the entire circumference of the basket (the widest part, all the way around). Then add 10% to that measurement and divide by two. This will give you the width of the bag you will need for the particular basket. Always round up to the nearest even number. (** If you know the diameter of your basket, use this online calculator to figure out the circumference. will open in another window.)

2) Measure the basket all the way around from top to bottom, add 10% and divide by two. This will give you the correct height of the bag you will need for applying the bag over the basket so that the dome shape conforms perfectly to the handle. In order to create a plume or frilled top you must add an additional 6-8 inches to the length of the bag.

3) All of our sizes are stated width x height

4) After taking these steps to determine the correct size, if you are still not sure, please give us a call at 1.800.569.1266 or e-mail us.

Square or Rectangle Shrink Wrap Bags Instruction:

For sliding your item from one end to the other & sealing it closed:
Add the width plus the height to determine the correct width of the bag you will need. Add the length and the height plus 10% to determine the correct length.

For placing your item into the bag:
Add the length and the width plus 10% for the item width you will need. For the length of the bag, your items will determine this number (how high will you make it, how many stacked boxes, etc..). Always add 3-6 inches to the height of your items so there is enough bag to tie off or created a plumed top.