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Baked Goods and Cello Bags
Last Updated: 06/06/2010

Keep your products tasting “fresh from the oven” delicious...

Snack Cakes
Soft Cookies
Crispy Cookies

Our cello bags are designed to keep baked products looking, smelling and tasting fresher longer. Our specially formulated cello bags provide exceptional barrier protection from odors, oxygen and moisture so your product’s unique taste, texture and aroma are locked in.

The best way to deliver “bake day” freshness to your customers is to ensure that your product is equally protected from flavor loss and foreign odor pickup. The barrier provided by our cello bags is the protection your baked products need. Your customer will experience the same great taste and texture each and every time they open a package.

If you struggle with keeping crispy products tasting crunchy and soft foods remaining moist and “melt in your mouth” delicious, then our cello bags are your answer thanks to their superior barrier to moisture.

The transparent high barrier packaging films for extended shelf life and appeal promotion on the shelf, have been developed specifically for the bakery market. These BOPP films include a differentially coated version - a unique acrylic coating on one side and a very high barrier saran coating on the other. The film enables food packers to achieve extremely high levels of prolonged product protection.

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