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Poly Bags

2011 Is Our Year of the Customer!

We've made our New Years Resolutions revolving around our customers. Our #1 resolution is to slash pricing on our products- beginning with our Poly Bags. We've removed the volume discounting to give you the very lowest price, no matter the volume that you buy! How Crazy are these prices? Click here for a glimpse of just one product line.

We offer the lowest prices on Poly bags on the market. Our poly bag selection includes numerous gauges and sizes. If poly bagging is your priority,our selection is unmatched. It includes zip lock bags or reclosable bags, flat poly bags and gusseted poly bags. All of our poly bag line films are FDA approved for direct food contact and offer exceptional quality and clarity.
Flat Poly Bags Gusseted Poly Bags
Our Flat Poly Bags are the best quality at the lowest prices on the market. Our wide selection of poly bags, both sizes and gauge, is impressive. If poly bagging is your priority, then look no further. more info
Our Gusseted Poly Bags are the finest quality at the lowest price. We offer a wide selection of poly bag gauges and sizes. If poly bagging is your expertise, we have the products and prices for you. more info